it was he who conceived and organized the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Olympic regatta.

the event Itself struck me primarily because it took place. In another state, but at the official level, involving the leadership of the municipality, representatives of the National Olympic Committee of Estonia, many of the participants of the Olympiad, artists and representatives of public organizations.

Remember the words of Vadim Belobrovtsev, Vice-mayor, who said that the residents of Tallinn with gratitude I remember the events of 40 years ago. Thanks to the Olympics, the capital of Estonia, then transformed it infrastructure is then filled with new roads, modern Sewerage system, the city built the television tower, a post office, a sailing centre in Pyrite and many other important objects, which the inhabitants still use today.

At the reception in the Embassy of Russia Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alexander Petrov spoke about how anxious the inhabitants of the Estonian capital to win the competition for the right to host the Olympic regatta. Tallinn was a strong competitors – Leningrad, Sochi, Riga. But was won by the Estonians. More than 50 sports facilities and urban infrastructure were built in four years. Professional builders gratuitously helped ordinary citizens.

In honor of the anniversary in the town hall square, the ceremony of lighting the Olympic torch. Not to depend on the vagaries of the weather, the fire was lit from flash category transformers Tesla. Button pressed Deputy mayor, and the torch was taken to the port on the car “Victory”, but not simple, and electrical, adapted from the legendary car 50-ies. And the whole relay was also organised on electric cars and boats. This is a new hobby jüri Tamm, who for many years, together with Prince of Monaco albert II is engaged in the promotion of environmentally sound technologies in the service of sport. Together they have organized several rallies on the EVS of the Mediterranean Principality in Tallinn.

From the port of Tallinn on electrocautery in Píritu the torch brought the Olympic champion in 1980 Alexander Muzychenko. 40 years ago he won only one regatta gold medal for the Soviet team in the crew of “Zvezdniy” with the legendary Valentine by Mancini. I know Sasha, many years chasing with him in the same crew, and now saw how he was moved by all the events. “It was very unexpected, but especially happy human, I felt like I plunged into the atmosphere of the main events of your life,” confessed to me the events of the Olympic champion.

In Pyrite were waiting for them hundreds of Amateur regatta, held this evening in the waters of Tallinn. She was like a prelude to what was intended by Yuri “Olympic water marathon – 2020” – the yacht squadron sailing Estonian and Russian dispute��of s on the route Tallinn – St. Petersburg. Because of the pandemic, it had to be postponed until September.

And ended that day with a Grand concert performed by the young artist sang a song of tõnis mägi “Olympics”.

Before parting, we talked about Yuri and his lovely wife Inna, our friends the athletes of the Soviet era, in particular the famous Yuriy Sedykh, his equally famous wife Natalya Lisovskaya, the famous Sergey Bubka, whom Yuri has worked for many years in the Olympic Committee of Ukraine, spoke about the Olympic fraternity and how much it means to the sport in these troubled times.