The head of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov called for a return to the “pre-reform” age of retirement is 55 years for women and 60 years for men. He argued the fact that the government, which carried out pension reform, subsequently resigned.

Let’s do the right thing, and then once and for all close the question of the retirement age. The people behind it will say thank you and return the trust to the authorities, — quotes “MK” Mironov.

This statement by the leader spravedlivorossov has done, offering to return to the consideration of several amendments in the Constitution made by the members of his party earlier. In particular, they offered each year to index all types of pensions the level of inflation, but also to impose a ban on the adoption of laws abolishing the social obligations of the state without providing compensation.

Wrote a new wave of discussions about raising the age of retirement for citizens predicted to the Russian people the economist Vladislav Zhukovsky and his colleagues. He explained that among the new amendments to the Constitution is one that, experts say, will be able to start in Russia the new pension reform. It concerns “the creation of conditions for worthy education of children in the family, as well as for adult children responsibilities to care for their parents”. Before that it was only on their disabled parents. According to the Director of the Institute of freedom Fyodor Biryukov, thus the authorities want to use the experience of China, where the entire burden on the maintenance of the elderly parents falls on their children.