Over the past couple of months, the employees of the company showed that “is” does not harm their performance, and everyone is now free to choose to return to the office or not, said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. By the way, open office space until September – until the Corporation has set such a deadline.

However, Twitter is not the only company in the world, which came to taste the charms of remote work. Last week other IT-giants Google and Facebook announced that their employees can work from home until the end of 2020, if they have the opportunity and desire. The offices will open in July. Until the beginning of October were allowed to stay on the “distance” employees of Amazon, until September – staff Slack that developed the well-known corporate messenger.

according to the newspaper Le Figaro, the wonders of “Moodle” seduced and French corporations. According to General Director of the expert centre “the Factory of innovative territories” Francois Bottole of Depue, the pandemic has helped many executives to understand that home can be not only effective, but also much more productive than in the office. So, the Peugeot group (PSA) has announced that it will be allowed to work remotely, approximately 80 thousand employees around the world who are not engaged in production.

it’s a dramatic shift in the corporate culture or just a temporary fashion? One thing is for sure: for many employers is a good chance to save at least a rent. For example, the President of the French company in the field of real estate Consultim Benjamin Nikes admitted that he wants to transfer part of staff to “udalenka” instead of having to expand the office on a thousand square meters. Think about the accounts and in Manhattan, where large companies own a huge amount of space. “Work at the table you can at home. And we have rent bills, for which you have to pay. And they play a crucial role in many issues”, – quotes the newspaper the New York Times, David Kenny, CEO of Nielsen. And JP Morgan Chase, which until last year was the largest office tenant in new York city, have begun to reconsider the number of people allowed back into office space when the pandemic starts to decline.

And still release all home “meet” yet not all are willing. Employees of the same Peugeot, even with permission to work remotely will have to come into the office – even just one or one and a half days a week, but still to come. Working areas for Nielsen, too, has to close is not going to – they want to turn into a place of command staff meetings that would take place once or twice a week.