Australian nutritionist Chloe Mclead has listed ways to make ordinary dishes healthier. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to Mclead, with a healthy diet, you should eat 30 servings of various plant foods per week. She claims that this is not as difficult as it may seem, since vegetable food is very diverse, and it can be added to other dishes.

The nutritionist believes that some recipes should be expanded at the expense of tomatoes or avocado, in others dill or parsley are appropriate. Porridge or pudding can be sprinkled with sunflower seeds — this, according to her, is also a vegetable food.

In meat sauces or curries, the expert recommends increasing the proportion of vegetable ingredients. In addition, Mcleid believes that it is worth diversifying the usual side dishes. For example, instead of rice or buckwheat, try barley and amaranth — an American grain crop that was grown by the Aztecs.

Earlier, a nutritionist from the United States, Lisa Young, named five useless, in her opinion, diets. These included a low-carb keto diet and interval fasting.