3258 coronatest was conducted Saturday in the country’s five regions.

this was stated by The Danish Regions.

Thus reached the regions is not up on the national board of Health wanted 5000 coronatest each day in the current week.

the Number is an expression of the carried out tests, and not for the regions testkapacitet. Thus, it is possible for the regions to test more.

Danish Regions assume that the number of tested for Saturdays because there are fewer referrals over the weekend.

the Health authorities want on the present, to the number of daily tests should increase from week to week.

the Goal for this week was the 5000 test. Next week there shall be at least 10,000 tests each day, and for the week after easter to the number of 15,000.

the Danish Health and medicines authority has continuously modified its recommendations and guidelines under the coronakrisen, for how many need to be tested.

at the same time, continuously changed the guidelines for who can be tested for the coronavirus.

In the current guidelines, it appears that citizens with mild symptoms can be tested.

in Addition, it is now possible for the practitioners to refer citizens to the test.