Autumn is mushroom time. Numerous Pilzler through the forests, to collect fresh mushrooms, eggs schwämmli or morels for the dinner. 2019 was a good year for Pilzler, says Peter Meier (76) of the umbrella organization of the associations for Mycology in Switzerland (VSVP).

in Addition, more and more people from the rave: “mushrooming developed to a national sport. It is a positive natural experience, an exciting quest in the forest. And in the evening you have a delicious dish on the plate,” says Meier. Just today, this Hobby is attractive: seasonal, regional and CO2-neutral.

More Pilzler and more poisoning, but fewer control points

But danger! Instead of mushrooms, you got caught maybe a Green Toadstool. And is anything but harmless: His toxins lead to severe liver damage. Even small amounts are deadly.

The number of mushroom poisonings this year is as high as never before. According to the Tox Info Suisse, the Swiss advice centre for poisoning, went to 2019 already over 650 messages – about 150 more than for the same period in the previous year. This is the record so far. And the mushroom season is not over yet.

More Pilzler, the more intoxication means. The increase, however, has mined yet another reason: more and more fungal control. Weggespart. In Switzerland there is a little more than 300. Depending on the Canton, is subject to different regulations. Previously, it was regulated on a national basis, the cantons are responsible for the fungus controls. Since 1992, they are no longer required to do so.

Some of the cantons still have a requirement for control bodies. The financing, however, is a matter for the municipalities. Where the cantons do not require control to be compulsory, the municipalities often thereafter. Uri, Ob – and Nidwalden, for example, have no fungus control more.

provincial spirit of the location, cluttered

“This is an unfavorable Situation,” says Marionna Schlatter (38) of the Swiss Association of official mushroom control Board (Vapko). “The cantons or municipalities decide whether control points are retained or not. A control not applicable obligation, will be more appeals to the own responsibility of the Pilzler.” The situation was confusing. A meaningful national legislation would be. Marionna Schlatter: “What we find today, is the growth of cantonal wild.” Often a control is missing in the vicinity. “Therefore, some Pilzler forgo actually the need of checks.” It is simply too cumbersome.

Catherine Schenk (48), mushroom expert and senior physician at Tox Info Suisse, is wary of jumping to conclusions: “A direct connection between the increase in the number of poisonings and the decrease in control we can’t prove with Numbers.” Exclude you could not exclude it. And a General principle: “Always to the checker go! No matter how well you think you know the mushrooms.”

Nationwide fungal control

Schlatter would be necessary to emphasized that the Vapko has been advocating for years for a national control scheme, as it was until 1992. The Vapko stand with members of Parliament in contact. 2018 Green national councillor Balthasar Glättli (ZH, 47) tabled a parliamentary motion in Parliament. With the demand for new measures of the mushroom ceiling to consider control.

The Federal Council but saw little need for action, and appealed to the responsibility of the Pilzler. Therein lies the Problem however. Katharina Schenk: “Dangerous to Overestimate one’s own knowledge is. Therefore, experienced Pilzler can be at risk. You think it’s safe to log in then after eating, with discomfort in us.”

expert tips for picking mushrooms

1. Cantonal fungal protection regulations are to be observed.

2. To only Collect baskets or nets to ensure good ventilation – never plastic bags! In these, the mushrooms decompose quickly and can be toxic.

3. Young and old specimens are not suitable as edible mushrooms.

4. Unknown mushrooms, leave standing, or for the determination of one or two copies out of the bottom turn and the mushroom controller to present. Stems not damage it.

5. The whole mushroom groupage of a control body to submit.

6. Mushrooms cook well – not raw to consume. Exceptions: red gelatinous funnel, Eispilz and truffles.

7. Contrary to older advice, mushroom dishes may be warmed up again. In the refrigerator-mounted remnants of mushroom dishes, you can warm up a day or two afterwards, safe and enjoy.

8. The earlier widespread opinions that silver spoon and onions discolor when cooking with poisonous mushrooms, or animals partially chewed mushrooms are non-toxic, belong to the fairy-tale into the realm of the nurse.