The number of infected COVID-19 in South Korea exceeded 3,000

Photo: EPA-EFE/STRINGER CHINA OUT In South Korea, explained a large number of infected Covid-19

on the Morning of 29 February, the representative of the health Ministry of South Korea announced that the country identified 594 new cases COVID-19, and in the second half of the day at the briefing they added another 219 people. Only during the day, the number of infected COVID-19 increased by 813 people, which was another not so pleasant for South Korea record. Now the total number of infections is 3 150. It turns out that in just three days, the figure jumped from one thousand to over three thousand. It’s hard to believe, but 40 days ago, January 20, in the Country of morning freshness there was not one person who is officially considered infected COVID-19. Currently, South Korea is inferior to the total number of infected only to China.

in addition, the day died another patient COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 17. On the other hand, one recovered, becoming the 28th on account of infection of the winning man in the country. However, yesterday was re-registered and the case of infection.

picture of the geographical spread of the virus remains the same. The epicenter – the city of Daegu and the surrounding province of North Gyeongsang province. 3 150 infected this region accounts for 2 724 infected or more than 86 percent of all cases.

Experts, however, it is still the morning before the first briefing warned that South Korea in the coming days, expect a new record number of patients. Authorities received more or less complete lists of the members of the “Sinchonri”, which became the epicenter distribution COVID-19 in Daegu and among them began mass checks. According to the previous statistice, it is among the laity of this sect are very much infected. If you rely on General data on 29 February, the experts were right: “records” for the number of infected have place.

Photo: AFP Photo/LIU Jin Government of Hubei for the first time published a report about the level of danger of coronavirus

Some foreign experts said that South Korea is unlikely to reverse the situation, and the total number of infected people in the end will exceed ten thousand. If a couple of days ago, this seemed an absolute whipping up panic, today’s news does not allow you to dismiss such predictions.

the Doctors in Korea are afraid that COVID-19 can break out of its main hub in the South-East of the country, and outbreaks, similar to that now in Daegu, will happen in other regions. Have already appeared the first “candidate” for a new source COVID-19 – a province of South Chungcheong, in the centre and West of the country. There two days the number of infected persons has increased from 12 to 55. There is also a clear localization. Almost all cases of women who have attended the circle of Zumba dance. It turned out that the instructor was infected, but she didn’t know about it, and led several groups of dancing and also visited a section of Pilates. Here she and her pupil was ill, and the rest of the check.

in Parallel, a growing number of countries that have imposed different kinds of restrictions, up to a complete ban on the entry of all foreigners from South Korea. Now such measures are introduced in 71 state. Today the South Korean aircraft which were in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi, the Vietnamese authorities refused to issue permission to land. Results in liners with all passengers were forced to return to South Korea. It is believed in Seoul, whenthe rank of this approach on the part of Vietnam lies in a flash COVID-19. In addition, Vietnam has also abolished for Koreans visa-free entry.

Korean media also appeared reports about cases of hostile attitudes in China, in Koreans. Although most of China infections COVID-19 much more, but for Koreans because of the wide coverage of the situation with coronavirus had a very cautious attitude. This greatly offended the people of the Country of morning freshness, as their country is still not imposed a ban on the entry of the Chinese.