The number of cases of pneumonia in China has grown to 1.3 thousand people

Photo credit: TASS/Zuma

In China, the number of confirmed cases of infection with pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV has reached 1330. In Beijing this diagnosis was confirmed in 36 people, and in Hubei province, there are 729 cases, according to TASS with reference to China’s media.

As specified, to date, 41 people died.

an Outbreak of a new type of pneumonia was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Hotbed of the epidemic is currently Hubei province.

Experts from China have already confirmed cases of transmission of a new type of coronavirus between people. Chinese scientists agreed that a new type of coronavirus that man could for the first time to catch the snake.

In Russia, created two tools for detection of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. Independent techniques provide rapid diagnosis of the disease at an early stage of infection. Funds have been sent to Russian medical centers.

the Center for strategic planning and management of biomedical health risks Ministry of health of Russia, meanwhile, is finalizing the rapid test, which experts can identify the disease in 30 minutes.

the who encouraged countries to prepare measures for coronavirus. It is expected that the international export of cases can spread to any country. All flights from Wuhan to Moscow was cancelled.

who shall convene a multidisciplinary mission to combat coronavirus

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