The number of cases of coronavirus has reached 81 thousand

According to him, which leads TASS, today was 80988 confirmed cases, 96.5 per cent of these are in China (over 78 thousand cases). The representative of who noted that effective treatments are not yet developed, however, assured that the reasons for panic. The mortality rate in China from the coronavirus decreased. Moreover, in 80 percent of cases there are only mild symptoms, and people go on the amendment.

Photo: REUTERS What today is known about the coronavirus

In Europe, the outbreak affected 13 countries, the epicenter falls on the Italian region of Lombardy. According to the latest data, Italy recorded 474 case of coronavirus of a new type, 12 people died from the resulting complications.

who Director-General Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus for his part, noted that the unexpected increase in the number of cases in Italy, the Republic of Korea and Iran is of deep concern.