Norwegian couple from Bodø found the grave of the Viking age during the renovation of their home. Presumably, the discovery of more than a thousand years. About it writes portal Bodonu.

The discovery was made at the opening of the floor in the bedroom that Marianne Christiansen (Mariann Kristiansen) and her husband was going to insulate. Under the floorboards revealed a mound of stones, in the course of its showdown managed to find a subject similar to a wheel from a child’s toy, and a large iron axe. The couple suggested that the finding may be of historic significance and contacted the administration of the Norwegian County of Nordland, which is responsible for cultural heritage.

Arrived at the scene experts began excavations, which concluded that under the house is a grave of the Viking age. Archaeologist Martinus Haugli said that the grave belongs to the tenth century. The items found have been sent for further study.

Earlier it was reported that in France, the couple bought a small house in the South-West of the country and found in the walls of the walled secret room, untouched since the beginning of the XX century.