It is a strange day for Ole Other Eikrem (45) which is servicemekanikar in Ekornes. He and a few others are left, and tell the goods and ordnar miscellaneous practical gjeremål, before the factory closes all the way down before the weekend.

Ole andre Eikrem, servicemekanikar by Ekornes in Sykkylven.

Photo: Alf-Jørgen H. Tyssing / NRK

It is come to be very long days, so we have to find something else to steer at home in order to get the time to go, ” says Eikrem. Also his wife Anja Skram Eikrem jobs by hjørnesteinsbedrifta.

They have been notified that they will be working three end week after easter, but Eikrem says that there can be changes in the pipeline.

Rammar hard

In Sykkylven are Ekornes, a company that supplies technology, with 930 employees. It happens with the factory to get large ringverknader. Nearly 8 percent of the workforce in sunnmørskommunen are no laid off or without work.

In addition, Ekornes 70 add on. in Volda and 70 on the Equipment in Akershus that are also being laid off.

the Village of husar also several other large and medium-sized møbelprodusentar. At Brunstad AS, and Formfin are in all 80 employees laid off. Also by Hjelle and Jarnes Furniture is the permitteringar.

Møbelfabrikken Brunstad AS in Sykkylven. here are 50 employees laid off.

Photo: Alf-Jørgen Tyssing / NRK 70 percent are laid off

Bransjesjef Egil Strait in Norwegian Industry piece of Furniture says that 2020 seemed to be a good year for the Norwegian furniture industry.

Egil Strait, bransjesjef for Norwegian Industry, furniture and interior design.

Photo: Kristian Hansen / the Norwegian Industry

By the beginning of the year was the bright prospects, but all the artwork up 12. and 13. march. When it was almost ordretørke of the night. Bestillingane stopped up, and so is the situation also at the beginning of april, ” says Strait.

According to the Sound, not go people in the shops longer and acts.

A rough estimate, the Norwegian Industry has done shows that 70 per cent of the Norwegian furniture industry are laid off, ” explains Strait.

Hope that the initiatives have the effect

the Sound, as the hope that the strict policy instruments the authorities will have the effect that the community can gradually open up again, that the market will come back.

What is crucial is that when we come out of this crisis, so businesses must be helped so they do not stand with the increased liabilities, and then be less competitive when it starts up again, ” says Strait.

He fryktar that it may still be bankruptcies in the furniture business as a result of the situation the country is in.

– People need the sofas to lie on the

In the 25 years Ole Other Eikrem has been add in the Ekornes he has been laid off one time. It was in the 90s and when he thought of permitteringa that holiday.

Ole andre Eikrem, servicemekanikar by Ekornes in Sykkylven.

Photo: Alf-Jørgen H. Tyssing / NRK

In the day when he sit with the family and house, is bekymringane larger. He still has faith that Ekornes will manage through koronakrisa.

– People need the good lenestolar or couches to lie on. It seems I am not black, says servicemekanikaren.