Comment from Sylvi M. Storvoll was given as part of a competition, where NRK Troms asked followers about creative ways to describe their feelings about the weather, without making use of profanity.

the Winter has been both warmer and wetter than normal in the three northernmost counties, says statsmeteorolog Martin Granerød by the Norwegian Meteorological institute.

After 2019 thanks for the up, there has been little good weather to snuggle up with for people who have stayed in the three northernmost counties of the country.

Both the registered number of millimeters of rainfall and average temperature differs from the normal at most stations are established in the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

some time there compared with the default, it has been by målestasjonen in Majavatn in the south of Nordland, tells Granerød.

Where has it dropped to 248 per cent more precipitation than normal. In Skibotn in Troms has fallen 193 per cent more rainfall than the average, and in the Karasjok is it registered 260 per cent over the nedbørnormalen for målestasjonen there, ” says Granerød.

Hope for recovery

Although the snow lies in thick layers even, it will probably not last long before it diminishes considerably. According to it shall be warm towards the upcoming weekend that any precipitation will fall as rain.

It is in any case a comfort for some of those who live in the north. In an informal competition on the facebook page of NRK Troms, asked the followers of our to describe their thoughts about the weather, without resorting to profanity. The most creative description was rewarded with a mug.

For, then the suggestions the hail, it proved to be difficult to announce only one winner. So the more mugs were shared out, since innsenderne selected a wide variety of methods to make their feelings on …

The positive (read: Ironic)

One facebookfølger states, uironisk, that she is so “miljøskadd” of growing up in Vardø that she is happy in a proper storm. Another refers to the known værtegnet “there are still good skareføre in June, the late spring”.

Thomas Stjørdal is also of the optimistic landscaped cultivar. He has the belief that the weather can get on to better thoughts only they get a hint of it:

Photo: Screenshot

Certain other requesting large amounts of rain to wash away the snow, probably knowing that if there are only two plussgrader out so it will low down the snowflakes on the size of kittens … afraid of him Aas Jørgensen is so tired of snow now that she has begun to appreciate the signs of spring that not very many other shelves:

Photo: Screenshot

But the mug in the category of “positive” goes to Glenn Kristoffersen, who will use sjitværet to learn the domestic animals new arts:

Photo: Screenshot of The negative (read: Eitrende pissed off)

It is not to stick under a chair that most kommentarskriverne not managed to look at the last three månedenes meteorological records particularly positive. Among the roughly 300 comments, it was corrected a few death threats against the clerk of the weather. These will not be prosecuted.

Many states that it is now so bad that they fail to see the humorous in the situation. Agnetha Kreole Bold firmly believe that it can’t be particularly worse than it is now:

Photo: Screenshot

the Weather was probably not only well before in time, either, for Reidun Frantzens way to describe the weather on – without profanity – she has learned from her father. For the the description she gets a mug:

Photo: Screenshot The classic nordlendingen

A number of our readers claim that they simply do not believe it is possible to describe their emotions to the weather without resorting to profanity. But some balances nicely on lina, and drop down on the right side, believes the committee behind the bedømmelsene.

Anne Jusnes uses the term “pesshestan” about boots, and all the time you actually often use boots when you are going to urinate on utedoen, we believe that this does not fall into the category of profanity, but bekledningsbeskrivelse.

Photo: Screenshot

the Winner in the category “The classic nordlendingen” and gave a description that would fit perfectly into Raillkattlia.

the Jury was never in doubt that Ann-Eilen Mound is sincerely ready for a day of sun, where she can shovel the snow off the fired, set up a place where the wind does not grasp and enjoy the coffee in a well-deserved mug from NRK Troms:

Photo: Screenshot