The Nissan plant in St. Petersburg will reduce the volume of issue

the Russian office of Nissan intends to reduce production at its plant in St. Petersburg. The timing of the forced “semi-vacation” is not yet known, but Nissan has already said that the notorious coronavirus nothing to do with it.

While we are talking about several months the company will move to single-shift operation. According to “Interfax” with reference to representatives of the company, this is due to the difficult situation on the market of new passenger cars in Russia.

it is not known when exactly the factory will change the mode of operation, and how long it will last. However, Nissan stressed that the Russian market remains a priority for the brand, and the company will return to the usual schedule as soon as will allow the economic situation.

In St. Petersburg Nissan gathers for our country crossovers X-Trail, Qashqai and Murano. The sales of the brand in Russia is gradually decreasing: in 2019 they fell from 20% in January has decreased another 1%. However, last year the production volume of the Qashqai crossover even increased – though only 3%. However, in 2019, the plant has collected a little more than 52 thousand cars with nameplate capacity of 100 thousand cars a year.

Earlier it was reported that the epidemic of coronavirus in China may also adversely affect the operation of the plant: the company was afraid of problems with the supply of components due to the stop of the industry in China and the violation of supply chain.

Text: Avtovesti