Alex rider Alex Rider Creator guy Berthot: Amazon StudiosПосле the head of a billion dollar media corporations “Roscoe” stepped into the empty Elevator shaft of a new York skyscraper, at the helm of the company becomes his teenage son. And at the same time in Russia killed the oil and gas tycoon Gregory Serenko, and his case also inherits a son. Both billionaire’s son studied at Point Blank, a school for rich troubled Teens in the Swiss Alps. Found this link to British spy Ian rider shot and killed at a meeting with his agent, and his orphaned nephew Alex takes a turn for the special forces, MI-6, to implement them in the same school for rich kids. The fact that Ian had to prepare a guy for a hard life, and although he’s a pretty normal schoolboy, but really tough with a bunch of combat skills. It’s a comic book, a landmark for British teenagers and British in General— the spy genre their Forte, and sooner or later they had to cross it with a story about school education, for the British mentality is also not the last. Anthony Horowitz has done it in zero — first novel about Alex Rider appeared in 2000, and since then they have released as many as 13 (in Russian translated only two). Series, released on Amazon Prime some time swinging to the middle to recuperate: in addition to vicious children growing bloodthirsty scoundrels in luxurious mansions, then you and the conspiracy of cryptofascists, and dark bunker in the snow. As well as rich heirs, quoting “Mein Kampf”, experimental Stepford children and so the legacy of the Cold war, James bond, if present it is a minor, without women, cigars and booze. Pure camp in the story, the series is much more interesting in execution: the British admitted a gloomy, morbid atmosphere, spies them — people are very often unpleasant, and in one episode, for example, enthusiastically torturing the kid by the water streams music and heavy metal. But remain within the tradition: in the end, and the bond character is quite unpleasant.Watch: “Kinopoisk HD”Stargirl stargirl’s got us by the Creators Geoff Johns, Greg Berlinmitte: Warner Bros. TelevisionМиловидная young blonde Courtney Whitmore (Breck Bassinger) who never knew his father, moved with his mother and her new husband Pat (Luke Wilson) in a provincial town of blue valley. In the attic of their new home she finds a strange, seemingly animate a weapon of enormous destructive power — a glowing cosmic rod, which he goes into her hands. But Courtney does not have time to properly learn a new toy, like Pat catches her in the act. It turns out that the stick belonged to superhero Starmenu (Joel McHale) from “justice Society of America”, which 10 years ago was destroyed by the society of supervillains — Shadow, Insight, Icicle, Wizard, and other such deviants. Pat himself wasOmnicom superheroes in the old days was nicknamed Strips, and Courtney, apparently, is the daughter Starman. In the local school, which now goes to Courtney, as usual: the bitch cheerleader poison school losers, of which some time later Supergirl and cobble together their own team to punish the “injustice Society”, whose members entrenched here in blue valley. In contrast to the gloomy British comic strip about a boy-spy, this story is about a girl-supergirl downright beaming with optimism. For comics from the “DC universe” is not quite the usual story. The best of them are neither simple, nor particularly cheerful intelligent “Keepers” absurdist “doom patrol” cynical “Boys” gloomy “Gotham city”: the heroes of DC, starting with the Batman and his antagonist the Joker, people are increasingly depressed. And suddenly in this clearing grew a series of a very different kind — the cheerful, rosy-cheeked and smiling. Whether it’s a clever move in the eternal struggle with DC, Marvel, and this time the team DC decided to bet on optimism. Whether in fashion broken Supes, pulled his children’s injuries, suddenly the gap was formed, and there was a request for a good comic without unnecessary frills. In favor of this version says high rating of “Supergirl” to the aggregator “Rotten tomatoes”.Watch: “the Fire HD”is Not the first attempt Trying Creator Andy Maltapoo: BBC StudiosДжейсон (Rafe spall) and his girlfriend Nikki (Esther Smith) is a friendly couple living in a rented flat in London’s Camden. They’ve been together, both turn thirty, and it’s time to think about children, but they do not come out — I think Nikki is barren. At first it seems that ground for the usual Hollywood gags about sex, sex is freakin ‘ funny and awkward thing: “Honey, now is the best time for conception! So what we’re going to the bus until we get there, can ovulation come to naught! Well, that is except us in the bus someone else is fast asleep in the back seat, close your eyes and imagine that we are alone.” But the British series is quite rapidly turning off such a path, to go in a completely different story — painful for any public animal theme of finding your place in the social hierarchy. After some hesitation, Nikki and Jason decide to adopt a baby. “And we will not always feel that he is not ours?” — “Get used to it — it’s like to peddle sneakers.” But before that happens, social services will examine the life of couples up and down on their compliance with highest standards. Nikki feels that “pulls” that in comparison with other, more successful, educated, polished candidates for adoptive parenthood with Jason they are — pathetic losers. She works in the call centre of a transport company, he is an English teacher on courses for ��of migrantov is, of course, not the social bottom, but he still sucks, and Nikki begins a desperate struggle for status, struggling if you do not want to be, to seem middle class, even though she was sometimes visited by the thought that it may be wise to move to a shittier area. Hollywood definitely has something to learn from the British — their ruthless caustic humor and ability to turn any material into another cloned sitcom. Instead, the authors ‘Attempts’ pulled out on serious reflection about what our public and human worth and why it was needed.Watch: Apple TV+the twilight zone 2nd season of The Twilight Zone Creator Jordan Polfoto: CBS Television StudiosЗа last several years, the career of the former stand-up comedian and now Director and producer Jordan Saw not just took off, and soon soared into the stratosphere. He is the author of the satirical social horror “Off” (2017) and “We” (2019), said new word in the traditional genre, but by the end of this year should go to two notable project, which he had a hand in the HBO series “land of Lovecraft” and a remake of the legendary film “Candyman”. At the same time, Drinking is another reboot of the legend — fiction anthology “the twilight zone” kind of Stirling the beginning of the 1960s, which reflected all the painful complexes of public consciousness during the Cold war and its attendant social paranoia. After CBS the first season of the new “Zone” critics noted that the series performed Saw has not escaped the impact of “Black mirror” and its fantastic plots through time contains social commentary on the pressing issues of today — from racial to feminist. Do it without any actual agenda and references to “the Mirror” came out in the new season, but now Drinking still goes farther into them. Here is a real, albeit short film-Noir about a man who fell in love with a femme female voice in his head, which led to unpredictable consequences, a sort of “Double-insurance” in fantastic surroundings, the cast is insanely bifurcated subconscious. There is a story about an invasion of aliens that were studying earth race for commercials to come to the conclusion that the human being is simply not capable of experiencing the satisfaction of having owned, and always wants more. The story about the Bank robber who changes bodies with different people and enjoys other people’s masks, like costumes, not caring that behind them stands a person. Since Stirling was led to the author appeared in the ending of each episode with edifying commentary — explain what the moral of the story. According to the current review Saw, instead of the paradoxes of public consciousness and now it is much more interested in the swirls of consciousness of individual��wow.Watch: “Amediateka”Read more