The new reality: where

the correspondent of the site Вести.Ru reminds of long-forgotten fun and tells about the new capabilities of survival in conditions of forced isolation in a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

Opened yesterday chat at home. Usually I don’t do this more often than once a week (not to leave the shores of the endless showdown). And there hangs a list of virtual exhibitions, concerts, performances. Of course links to them. And all thank you.

And then I realized — it’s time! It’s time to write about the good things that we have acquired in a new reality, when most of the world because of the quarantine was locked in the space of your home. It was a serious test for the psyche. It was hard to imagine that the inability to go to work or school will be perceived as a tragedy. A forced vacation will be a heavy yoke on the neck.

the First among my friends began to arrive at the Spaniards. A couple of days they didn’t know where to go ourselves and tried to understand what they are doing with children in the context of the prohibition to go out on the street. I was sent a video where children were screaming and crying, mothers screaming, fathers tried to lock himself in the bathroom. And the whole family fought over the opportunity to play gadgets.

And then the parents would have thought that it is possible to read paper books (by the way, right now in Israel a book for children read by the President, to relieve the parents and to distract the kids), everyone can talk, draw. From the cupboard, took out an old Board game, a game that turns out to be much more interesting than computer games. After the Spaniards and in other countries, the parents remembered their childhood as they played charades, mafia, staged performances, made with their own hands jewelry.

Parents of students (and teachers) unexpectedly found that the transition to the online training also has a number of advantages. Suddenly, the students became much more active in the classroom, they do not hesitate to ask questions, participate actively in the lectures. But the most striking thing is how wrote on his page on Facebook Deputy on scientific work head of the Department of Informatics and applied mathematics, associated Professor, Moscow pedagogical University Dmitry Abashkin, “remote lecture was a 100% attendance of students. This was not even a single time this semester in face-to-face option.”

As waiting for the epidemic, many have decided to stock up on the products first and second necessity, revived (and created new) group, where gives advice on how to store and freeze different products that a new can and should be prepared in an emergency. Women gladly exchange their experience in farming.

In the conditions of austerity and isolation one of the first affected small and medium businesses. Supporting each other, entrepreneurs are told on their pages and how their friends can be helpful in anticipation of the lifting of the quarantine. And give the addresses where you can get advice on growing in terms of flats of berries, herbs and flowers, or watch a master class in decorating cakes.

After all, Easter is coming even in the face of the pandemic. How to write a Yuri Levitansky:

“What does that mean? — To live
to sew sundresses and light dresses of calico.
— You think all this will be worn?
— I believe that all this should be sewing.”

Yesterday I had a panic attack. Well that was the opportunity to talk with a friend who quickly figured out what was going on and behaved so well that I quickly came to my senses.

For just such unforeseen situations therapist Ekaterina Sigitova prepared a workshop “How not to go roof during coronavirus”, offering different ways to distract the brain from dangerous ideas and the ability to switch. She also talked about the quarantine flashmob:

“If you work from home, tell me what you did today your household: children, animals, family members. All in the description call “colleagues”. Very funny it turns out. Start.

One of my colleagues yesterday I felt lonely and in this regard, shouted under the door of my office. The second colleague during lunch I slapped on a mustache to a third colleague who was just passing by. Nerves, probably, pass. The fourth colleague all day slept through the heater.”

I tried really distracting.

Aware of the complexity and the seriousness of the situation, many priests are ready from morning until evening “make” the congregation via telephone and Internet. Some of them are still working as doctors. For example, the ambulance doctor and the priest IBAS, instead (Sergey Senchurov). Deputy Dean of the faculty of psychology in RPU priest Pyotr Kolomeitsev admits that “his cell phone was heated from calls”. At the same time comforting and entertaining posts, writes the poet, the clergyman of the Saviour Cathedral of the city of Minusinsk, the priest Sergei Kruglov.

the Governor of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery, hegumen Peter (Eremeev) appealed to its readers:

“In every house where we live, there are single grandparents, whom we can help. Going shopping at the store, we can learn from our elderly neighbors, what they need, and purchase not only for ourselves, but for them: bread, milk, other foods or drugs.

If the neighbors are new, you can post an ad at the entrance with your contacts and offer assistance. Even this treatment will be for many of them consolation and support.”

Abbot Peter also reminds us that the excursion service of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery (like many others) now works in online mode

other cultural events, available worldwide, free and common basis. Lecture hall “Direct speech” has opened access to their archives. And not only him. Before April 15, open free subscription to “Radio Arzamas” by the QUARANTINE code.

On the portal of Culture.Russia offered the performances of the current repertoire, the archive of performances and films. The Metropolitan Opera announced free stream Live in HD from next week, every day. The Vienna Opera also provides free broadcast for a period of quarantine. The broadcast of the Bolshoi ballet will also be free. Like “hike” in Amsterdam’s van Gogh Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum of art history in Vienna, the digital archives of the Uffizi, the Louvre, the British Museum online collection one of the largest — more than 3.5 million exhibits, the Prado, the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel, the Metropolitan Museum online collection Guggenheim Museum

the latest news, it became known that 21 March will be the first Internet concert of Nino Katamadze. Despite the actual cancellation of the event, she will give a concert on the Internet.

the List of measures to prevent the anguish and the horror of captivity is constantly updated.