In 2020, the organizers of the action “Immortal regiment” changed its format due to the restrictive measures. They invited all members of the movement new ways to honor the memory of their relatives who fought. So, the procession can be seen online on the website of the “Immortal regiment of Russia”, on TV channels, online cinemas, on the media façade of the country. Information can be found on the portal of state Services.

Anyone can join the campaign by completing the form on the website or apps popular social networks. To place the collage with the portrait of the soldier in the social networks with the hashtag #Bessmertnykh (hot line promotions– 8 800 20 1945 0). Stream procession started at 11 o’clock local time.

the organizers of the March explained, what other forms of celebration can be used on 9 may to take part in the all-Russian Patriotic action.

on this day, everyone can hang out the Russian flag from the window or balcony, together with St. George’s ribbon on it. The ribbon on this day is free to pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores. You can also download an image of the ribbons on the Internet to attach to your avatar that is used in social networks.

you Can spread in social networks your videos with songs of the war years with the single hashtag #pesnopeniy of. And you can download them at Also in social networks and on the website Садпамяти2020.of the Russian Federation with the hashtag “Sudamericana”, “salamati of” are encouraged to post a photo of the tree planted at the cottage in the Park, a Park in memory of the fallen soldiers.

in addition, launched the project #Oknapost when parents with their children can make their Windows children’s drawings about war, Victory. Welcome, if this is done in the style familiar to all military books or movies. You need to take a picture of this window and put a picture in a social network with the hashtag “OKNAPOST”. The best photo will be celebrated with prizes.

And in the evening, immediately after the “Minute of silence”, which will start throughout the country at 19:00, organizers of the action “Immortal regiment” I propose to stand by the open window, or out on the balcony with a portrait of their relatives – veterans of the great Patriotic and obey the tradition of the beloved song “Victory day”. And you can sing together with housemates, the court, as the main songs of military years will sound on television and radio, in social network “Odnoklassniki” will offer to sing the best of war songs at karaoke.