is to start Without a coffee in the day for many an impossibility. We will show you what are the coffee Trends in 2020, are on the rise, how to prepare the wax-maker’s right and what he has actually else on it.

coffee Superfood

green coffee contains detectable in a high concentration of antioxidants, which combat the body’s inflammatory reactions, neutralize free radicals and the natural aging process of the human body to gently slow down. The regular coffee consumption unfolds, therefore, a sustainable Beauty effect on the whole body, actively prevents the formation of wrinkles and promotes a firmer, healthy skin. Studies show that the drink also has a mood-elevating effect, the individual’s ability to concentrate, sharpen, relieves headaches, the metabolism fired up and, of course, the appetite dampens.

calories in Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino

Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and co. are often welcome volunteers, if we have a long day ahead of me. However, the popular energy bombs are also in the context of a weight reduction useful? Which makes coffee at the thickest?


continue reading healthy coffee is?

coffee beans are a precious source of anti-inflammatory Polyphenol. These plant substances to neutralize efficiently the free radicals (highly reactive, very aggressive, chemical oxygen molecules) and stop oxidative Stress, which promotes assignable to the development of cancer. According to a German study, women who regularly consume at least five cups of coffee per day are diagnosed, in comparison to subjects who daily consume less than four cups of coffee to 20 percent less likely to have breast cancer. Coffee consumption in bulk reduces therefore the risk of cancer.

How healthy is coffee?

coffee in the Morning and the day is saved, so it goes on the inside, at least most of Switzerland and Swiss. Some people can drink five cups of coffee and sleep still good, the other a small Cup of robbing the sleep. Reason different caffeine-sensitivity is apparently.


tips for a perfect preparation

coffee to drink properly is an art, the necessarily high-quality raw materials, water with a neutral PH and a water temperature between 92 and 93 ° C is more needed. All components, deploy the bean in a holistic way for your individual flavor. The fresh and fine the ingredients, the more extraordinary the experience. Vegetable milk alternatives like soy, almond and oats milk used as a high-quality, vegan protein sources in the coffee mixture.

How to drink coffee today?

Traditional methods, such as Brewing by Hand are currently experiencing a Renaissance and are currently so popular as never before. The hand-filtering is known among experts as one of the lens healthiest methods of coffee preparation. In Relation to brewing methods, the coffee taste is relatively full and fine, because while the hand-filtering, less bitter substances and acids are washed out of the beans out. Due to the continually increasing sustainability and environmental awareness of the consumers of sustainably produced coffee beans and Fair Trade raw materials in vogue. Also the lactose-free and vegan milk variants are an essential part of the coffee shops. More and more coffee houses to adapt to the growing demand for almond milk and co. and offer a wide range of milk alternatives.

The unusual coffee-Trends

Cold Brew coffee variations have recently become the “It – drink”. Due to the relatively long steeping time in the cooled water of the Sud has about 70% fewer bitter substances and acids as in the normal case, whereby it is exceptionally easy on the stomach. As a base for Cold Brew the case, to act in the ideal light-roasted, coarsely ground Arabica beans, their roasting is a minimum of 14 days. 60 g of ground coffee per 1L of fluid for a time window between 8 and 24 hours in the fridge to infuse and regularly stir.

Pink Latte: The mixture of Pink and Latte makes coffee, beetroot, and milk or milk alternatives merge with each other. Beetroot is Packed lifting a filled with natural antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory effect of the coffee beans, therefore, to a new Level. For the preparation you give, depending on the desire, a bit of honey in a Cup and fill it with coffee. Then you mix the beetroot powder or juice with the milk of your choice and cook this. Beat the liquid until frothy and pour into the Cup with coffee. For decoration you can beetroot Chips or turmeric sprinkle.

Here is Cold Brew coffee combines with high-quality fruit lemonade. Sounds weird, but it hits the nerve of time. There are countless different variations with different amounts of coffee and Sweetness. You can try your own creation very easily. The basic recipe contains cold coffee, a carbonated drink, such as Mineral or tonic water and a fruit syrup of your choice. How much you add of what ingredient is up to you. With Freshly squeezed lemon juice and ice cubes give the drink an extra kick of freshness.

Vietnamese coffee: This coffee is prepared with eggs. Sounds strange, but for lovers of sweet-and-creamy coffee is a real treat. The egg yolk is separated from egg white and sugar or sweet condensed milk frothy beaten. The yellowish foam is carefully poured with a spoon in the coffee, et voilà: A delicate arises Dessert.

turmeric coffee: turmeric is not known for nothing as the yellow Gold. Turmeric is supposed to help with colds, promotes digestion and has a detoxifying effect. With us, you know it so far, mainly as part of curry powder. But as a healthy beverage just a High, is also the turmeric Latte on Trend rates. The Earthy touch of turmeric powder combines well with the bitter coffee taste. For this Drink, it is in need of milk or milk substitute products, a Shot of Espresso, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and cardamom, all in powder form.

Blue Pea Flower, coffee: As the Name tell already, this coffee is of an unusual blue color and naturally. The coffee acquires its colour by the blue Klitorie, Blue Pea Flower is called. In combination with Espresso and milk for a delicious and exceptional coffee creation comes about. To whom the blue color is too fancy, you can color the broth with a little lemon juice Violet.

Smoothie with banana and coconut water
vitamins and caffeine in a drink? Our recipe for a coffee Smoothie with bananas shows you how to do this.

coffee makes you beautiful: The Wake-up time is different

coffee can be used in many ways: in the Beauty industry the Wake-up takes place. Whether as a scrub or mask, coffee grounds skin helps you to beam.