The first seven weeks of AMG come-Alpine-in-chief Patrick Marinoff is proud of. A day in front of us journalists, he has driven in Estoril (Portugal) for the first time, the 40 to 292 HP firmed up Alpine A110S on the race track. And the new boss is thrilled. “Our people have already done a very good job,” he says. And is again factually: “After the launch of the model Pure, and the more comfortable Légende, we now offer the most sporty variant of the S for every driving style and every taste a suitable A110.”

Visually, the most recent Alpine-creation is different for the 74’800 francs, hardly any of their cheaper sister models (from 62’700 Fr.). Connoisseurs discover orange items (calipers, stitching in the upholstery, door trim and headliner) as well as wider tires (215er front, size 245 rear). Perhaps the optional carbon roof, seats with carbon finish or the new grey-Matt paint “Gris Tonnerre”. Speaking of seats: comfortable Sabelt stalls weighs in at 13.1 kilos, but the backrest is not adjustable.

292 HP for 1114 Kilo

The main differences to the previous A110-variants, we make the Drive. The higher elasticity, the increase in performance and the improved responsiveness of the now 292 HP at 6400/min bar the 1.8-litre turbo engine is a road on the land and to feel on the racetrack.

Especially between 5000 and 7000 trips, and the mid-engine has now clearly more bite and animated, the gears of the 7-speed Getrag dual clutch gearbox (on the track) also extend. The driving performance of only 1114 Kilo light two-seater sports car: 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, 260 km/h top. Its power-to-weight: only 3.8 kg per HP!

Firmer suspension

Even more impressive than the increase in power, firmer suspension tuning is. The new coil springs are designed to 50 percent harder, the shocks adjusted accordingly. To the rear lies-wheel-drive, four millimeters deep. Thanks to the weight distribution of 44 to 56 percent and well-controlled brakes with the Alpine A110S, almost playful, but super fast on the course dance.

Nevertheless, in everyday life he Who believes is fit to

, however, that the Alpine is hard as a Board on the slopes, and the driver, every beat can be in the cross felt wrong. Thanks to the low weight and lightning-fast sway bars it seems to be literally over potholes across the city. Or to say it with the words of Alpine head Marinoff: “The A110S would be no real Alpine model, if you would show up in everyday life to be hard and uncomfortable. Like the other models do not require the skills of a race driver to feel the vehicle and to experience the fun of driving.”