Green is the color of life and hope, remind the organizers of the competition.

Photo of a boy gathering flowers in the rain Accenture, won the contest #Green2020 from Agora, the official website of the competition.

the author of the work — photographer Asaf-UD-Daula, from Bangladesh, known online as @photographerasaf. He will receive a prize of one thousand dollars.

“It was a Sunny day and I planned to go take some pictures. I noticed this little boy, picking flowers, and in a few moments the rain came. He was the big and pure smile on his face, and looks like rain he wasn’t disturbed,” — said the author of the image.

Agora also introduced a top 50 finalist entries, selected by voting of 17.7 thousands of photos participating in the competition on the theme of green. The list included images of the four Russian photographers: @borsch, @panvelvet, @kateomely and @artempikalov.

Anna Lysenko

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