With its assertive woodwork, its varnished wooden floor and its renovated kitchen, this charming Estrie hotel combines the character and warmth of a century-old house with the functionality of a more modern interior.

Built around 1900 on a crawl space, the house is located in the heart of the village of Waterville, a small municipality with a New English heritage located near Sherbrooke, on the banks of the Coaticook River. Although a large part of the residence was renovated between 2016 and 2019, the architectural elements of the period have been preserved. In a dark color, the woodwork is highlighted by the contrast with the white chosen for the walls of the house.

The residence has six rooms, spread over one and a half floors. The main living areas (kitchen, dining room and living room) are on the ground floor. Upstairs, which is accessed by an imposing solid wood staircase, we find the two bedrooms, fitted out under the slope of the roof. They each have a bathroom. The living space is modest, but the residence is charming, perfect for a couple or a small family.