One of my favorite song lines is: “I never buy umbrellas, for there’s always one around.” I never buy umbrellas, because a rum is always available. So I intend to lead my life. Or take it to me.

At the birth of my children I still have a supplementary insurance for dental braces completed. You can listen to the music of American living men, the inner Swiss to overcome.

Mystical unicorn of the seas

one Of my favorite animals is the narwhal. He is called the unicorn of the seas – due to its Stosszahns, which is about 2.5 meters long and a counterclockwise direction is wound. Amazingly, the “Horn” to a Canine. The narwhal is definitely a case for the orthodontist. And for the research, because we don’t know all the secrets of the mystical creature that inhabits the Arctic seas.

the Tusk is used for What, approximately, is not entirely clear. A WWF Team has recently observed, such as marine mammals use the screw-shaped Tooth to numb with jerky movements of their prey fish. Long, the Tusk was Ainkhürn called – the occasion for a lot of speculation.

ten Times more valuable than Gold

In the middle ages he was thought to be the Horn of the unicorn. The horns were probably about intricate trading routes to Central Europe and fuelled the Belief in the existence of unicorns. Due to its rarity Ainkhürn of enormous value was temporarily ten times that of Gold. Kings and emperors were the trappings created by. The throne of the Danish kings is exclusively made from Ainkhürn.

more from the water

Hardly less adventurous in the theories of researchers. The shock of the tooth serve to break the ice, it was an assumption, or to Echo-locate, or to dig Through the seabed. Meanwhile, it is assumed that it serves as a sense organ. It contains a lot of nerve cells, with which the sensitive marine mammals probably some information out of the water. Temperature and water pressure.

he Also seems to have an influence on the hierarchy among the animals to exercise. A real Blöfferzahn so. The Grills of the animal world – the gold-plated Bling-Bling braces, the Rapper in the mouth of the plant (in the Dental supplementary insurance is not included) hot.

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens.