Residents of the capital will choose a name for the voice assistant of the My Moscow application and other city digital services. Voting on this topic was opened in the project “Active Citizen”. So far, the voice assistant is working in test mode and is available to half of the users.

The voice assistant serves more than 40 thousand requests per month, many people note its convenience and accuracy of speech recognition.

With a voice assistant, you can simply talk about everyday topics or ask for help in obtaining city services — for example, transfer the readings of water and electricity meters, tell about grades and homework of a child at school. In addition, an assistant will help you make an appointment with a doctor, pay bills and much more. This not only saves time, speeding up the receipt of services, but also makes them more accessible to people with visual and motor impairments.

The virtual assistant was developed by the teams of the My Moscow application and the citywide contact center. The voice assistant uses artificial intelligence technologies to recognize questions and search for answers. When the user clicks on the microphone icon and asks a question, the robot first converts it into text, and then the neural network searches for the answer in the knowledge base. Next, the voice assistant answers the question, shows the requested information on the screen or a window with the receipt of the service. If the request was formulated incomprehensibly or not completely, the robot will display hints on the screen.

The My Moscow app was launched in early 2019. With its help, you can get housing and communal services, information about the progress of children, make an appointment with a doctor, consult with contact center operators and much more. Over the entire time, the application has been downloaded by more than 4.5 million unique users. “My Moscow” is available in the official app stores App Store, Google Play and AppGallery.

The Active Citizen project has been operating since 2014 — today it already has more than six million users. They decide which streets, courtyards and parks need to be landscaped, how city polyclinics, libraries, public service centers should work, and choose festival and holiday programs. Muscovites have already taken part in more than five thousand votes. Now, for example, you can choose names for streets and boulevards in Moscow, propose a new name for the Face Pay service in the metro, choose convenient collection points for the “Christmas Tree Cycle” campaign or participate in the “Big Quiz”.