The MP suggested the pensioner to sell a dog to pay for communal

Deputy of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada from the faction of “Servant of the people” Eugene Bragar apologized for his pensioner of Kirovograd district’s offer to sell his dog to pay for gas. The woman who called in the Studio talk show “voice of the people” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”, asked how to survive on a pension of $ 80, paying utility bills more than her pension even in the presence of subsidies. Bragar in response suggested that she sell the dog if she has one, stressing: it must be the elite of the breed.

the Statement caused outrage in the Network. Bragar then explained in the “Facebook” that “is the new face in politics and has not learned to answer sensitive questions.”

According to “public servants”, it was not intended to offend anyone, but wanted only to pay attention to “cases of injustice, when people who do not need help, use subsidies, concealing the estate and his luxurious lifestyle.” Bragar asked for forgiveness from anyone would be offended by his words, and encouraged all in the matter of subsidies to act decently with the understanding that the assistance should only really needy.

the party of “servant of the people” did not approve of the statements Bragar, reports RIA Novosti. Deputy head of the faction Yevheniya Kravchuk on behalf of its leaders also asked for forgiveness from anyone would be offended by the words of the Deputy.