The movie

the Film Director Steven Soderbergh and writer Scott burns about an unknown virus that’s killing people all over the world, was released in 2011. Critics have taken the film is pretty cool, but the scientific community appreciate the reliable picture of the epidemic. Today it is appreciated by millions of viewers around the world. According to the company Warner Brothers, “the Infection” climbed from 270th to second place in the popularity rating, second only to films about Harry Potter. Reviewing the picture, not without a shudder I notice that happening on the screen is too reminiscent of a documentary movie in which Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude law, Kate Winslet and Matt Damon play ordinary people.

Photo: Chronicles of an epidemic: what movies and TV shows cancelled for coronavirus

we Know that Steven Soderbergh has consulted with experts who participated in the struggle with various diseases, so all turned out so realistic, yet unpredictable.

the Audience in social networks, much discussion happening on the screen and draw Parallels with today. Here are just a few facts: the source of the virus was in Asia, the first carriers of the disease were the animals introduced in the country quarantine and cancelled mass events… remind you of Anything?

equally plausible shows and those who are trying to cash in on the panic and confusion of the people, forcing the situation or speculating outright misinformation. You have to wonder about that “paknews” can be much more dangerous than any virus.

You can appreciate Soderbergh’s feature entertainment, the more that Russian online movie theaters and the largest video opened freeatny access to all quarantined or in isolation

Popular movies about epidemics”Epidemic”, 1987

In the film by Lars von Trier, it all begins quite innocently – the main characters are writing the script for the new film. And when everything was almost ready, an accident destroys the floppy disk with all the developments. But instead of try to recover, they go up with a new script about a doctor who tries to help the victims of the plague, not knowing that he is the source of infection. But it’s Lars von Trier, and a fictional epidemic at any moment can become present.

the Film “Epidemic” is the second film of the trilogy “Europe”.

“Blindness”, 2008

This film, shot on the novel by josé Saramago, opened in 2008 61st Cannes film festival. Director Fernando Meirelles reflects on the behavior of the society, which covered the epidemic of unexplained blindness. Save all can only one woman who was immune to this strange disease. But I am afraid of physical blindness if blind, remains the soul of man?

“the Virus”, 1980

Filmed in Japan sci-Fi disaster film talks about the arms race between the countries where out-of-control leaves a deadly virus. It spreads rapidly around the world, destroying all life in its path. There is no antidote, and the only salvation – low temperatures, which was detrimental to the virus. And here 863 survivors find themselves stranded in Antarctica. But will they be able to prevent the decline of humanity on earth or human nature destroy itself?

the Film is based on the novel by Komatsu Sake.

“Phenomenon”, 2008

a Strange disease causes people to commit suicide. That is, a biological terrorist attack, zombie Apocalypse, or collective madness? Or maybe it’s very nature causes humanity to think about how, why and where it goes?

after being released, the film is directed by M. night Shyamalan in the first weekif the hire took the third spot on fees.

“the Light of my life”, 2019

because Of the terrible epidemic that swept the entire planet, killing almost all women and the continuation of the human race was a big issue. The main character, played by Casey Affleck, is trying to save, but rather to hide from the brutal and feral men, his daughter. If you die and she, the whole world is doomed.