Wervik, In the a-Z of Delta Think, it is Eliane, New (82) from Wervik, died as a result of the corona virus. Along with her husband, Raynaldo Wybaillie started in 1975, the tennis complex of Olympos. At the beginning of January and stayed for Eliane, the sheltered and The Pardoen in Wervik. “About a week ago, she was admitted to the hospital, it was quiet, and he slept mostly,” said her husband. Eliane was the mother of three daughters. She has helped generations of children learn and enjoy tennis

Through the years, Olympos, along the Brielensesteenweg in Wervik, one of the largest tennis clubs in the surrounding regions. Former bouwaannemer Raynaldo Wybaille and his wife have invested heavily in the property. It all started with a four-land, but of Olympos, has grown to be a unique place to stay. With eight outdoor sites (gravel), and five indoorterreinen on the carpet, and a large sports hall, a bar, indoor and outdoor use. before The club had back in the eighties-nineties, but fewer than 500 members.

Eliane New born in the faith and grew it on on the area of The Koekuit. “We played both tennis and the other in the 1960’s so as to learn,” says Raynaldo. “Three years later we got married. Then, it was the only club in Wevelgem. Here is it in Wervik, was created in 1965 for tennis clubs in Olympos, but there was only one tennis court in the stadsdomein Oosthove. Due to the construction of a swimming pool In the River disappeared, and we had the club moving.”

Eliane Rates at that time was a teacher of Physical Education at the former girls ‘ school, Mater Amabilis, in the Koestraat in Wervik. “She was athletic and tennis games are fairly competitive,” says her husband. “I wanted to be a sportsman. She has done a lot for the Olympos. She was the mother of the club. I am proud of what she has done.”

in The past few years, the health of the Eliane, New step-by-step in the wrong direction. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It was amazing to see how a good and loving Raynaldo her for himself. He, too, was a Hero. The couple made a walk, by bike, and it was time to get something to drink. “In January, it was three years ago, my wife at home and a heavy fall was,” says Raynaldo. “I’m doing my best to be as good as possible, to take care of her. The day and night. It was a shot in the home of the one and only solution.”

Due to the corona virus, there is already a few weeks in the nursing homes is not possible. Day-to-day, I went to one or two times in the Akademiestraat waving goodbye to my wife,” says Raynaldo. For example, at the time that she was eating. We went on Tuesday but still to say goodbye. Up to two-and-by clothing, but I do that to the children, not recommended, is because I’m that protective clothing is not familiar. Our youngest daughter was still a socket with Eliane.”