the Moscow administrative road inspection will be to cancel the fines motorists who’ve accidentally entered an inaccurate letter or number in the machine number when binding it to a digital pass. Previously, the DMV reported that the most common mistake when making the trip in the mode of increased readiness – in the wrong room rental. For example, the driver enters a region (777 instead of 77), or omitted the letter.

After a barrage of questions from citizens and indignation from those who were sure that the pass is issued, and then picked up fines, the city authorities decided to meet motorists. Now to challenge a monetary penalty on the official portals of the DMV.

“Motorists are turning to MADI for appeal of fines for the lack of digital passes due to the fact that they have the wrong letter or digit, tying their vehicle, but a valid pass they had. We have decided to cancel these fines, in MADI there is a legal basis for insignificance. As we always say – no the purpose of the collection of penalties we have. We see that now the number of cars without permits – not more than 3% and very welcome, before travelling to check availability for a pass for the car. This can be done in just a few seconds – using our chat-bot in the Telegram or mobile application “transport of Moscow”. We also prepared samples of applications for cancellation of fines. The application can be filled out and sent in electronic form, to not go anywhere,” – said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on issues of transport Maxim Liksutov.

At the same time to invent how to explain his mistake is not necessary, staff MADI has prepared seven forms of statements that you just need to fill in the electronic form. The Department replied that each appeal will be considered on an individual basis.