Naturalists in the national Park highlands of Ahaggar in Algeria for the first time in a decade, took a picture of Northwest African Cheetah, which is listed in the Red book and is on the verge of extinction. This is the website of NDTV.

on Monday, 26 may, the representative of the management of national parks Amokrane Salah (Salah Amokrane) presented the picture taken by scientists at the volcanic field of the Atakora mountains, the peaks of which reach a height of three thousand meters.

This frame was made 10 years after this big cat was last seen. Photo aroused great interest among users of social networks. Officer of the Indian forest service Susanta Nanda (Susanta Nanda) was among those who shared the photo on Twitter. In comments to the publication, he explained that the Northwest African Cheetah — the most elusive cat in the world.

the habitat of the Northwest African Harada limited to isolated areas of the Sahara and Sahel region from Mali in the West to the Central African Republic to the East. The subspecies was last seen in the Ahaggar mountains in 2008-2010, when four individuals caught in camera traps.

In 2012, the international Union for the conservation of wildlife estimated the remaining population in Algeria in 37 individuals.

These cheetahs differ in appearance from the other African cheetahs. Their fur is shorter and lighter.

Earlier it was reported that in the South African province of Gauteng for the first time took video of a rare black leopard. A local resident caught a rare animal in the lens of the phone.