According to the results of 2022, the capital company produced and delivered 24 laser installations to customers, which is almost three times higher than in 2021. This was announced by the head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the city of Moscow Vladislav Ovchinsky.

Among the products shipped to customers are mainly multifunctional laser systems and laser installations, which are primarily used in the microelectronic industry.

Last year, the company actively introduced its innovative products to the Russian market. For example, it has established serial production of a new modification of additive equipment for industrial 3D printing with a machine vision system, laser technological complexes for welding metal products of complex shape and high-precision processing, manufacturing sensors and other equipment. In addition, engineers have developed an industrial USB extension cable that allows you to move the workplace of the operator of the laser installation to 70 meters, and implemented a contactless profilometry system based on Russian components and software of their own design.

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