The Moscow city court extended the arrest of the accused in espionage Paul Whelan

As reported by correspondent “RG” in the press service of the Moscow city court, the court rejected the defendant’s motion to return case to the Prosecutor and appointed the consideration of the merits. Clarifies that the hearing itself will pass in the closed mode as in business there are materials under a signature stamp “top secret”. The date of the meeting is not appointed yet.

Photo: iStock Google accused of spying on children

At the end of 2018 the public relations Center of the FSB of Russia reported about the detention of a U.S. citizen Whelan when holding spy shares on 28 December in Moscow. According to the investigation, which is conducted by the investigative Department of the FSB of Russia, Whelan accused of spying for us intelligence. As was stated in the courthouse, seized from Whelan at the hotel computer flash drive were written with information constituting state secrets. According to the media, we can talk about the lists of employees of the Russian security services that he was going to give to US intelligence. He is the holder of valid passports of the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland, denies any wrongdoing and claims that arrived in Moscow on a private visit to a friend’s wedding.