The moon will set a huge telescope

The largest radio telescope with a filled aperture in the Solar system will create robotic planetary Rovers. He earns in the bowl of a crater on the dark side of the moon.

The project is approved by NASA. According to the U.S. space Agency, the device will be able to explore the early Universe.

The aim of the project LCRT (Lunar Crater Radio Telescope) – to create on the back side of the moon, a huge radio telescope, which will be protected from radio noise and interference from the earth and the Sun (during lunar night).

It is planned to install the unit in the crater with a diameter of five kilometers. Yet the biggest such device – ground 500-metre FAST telescope in China. To create a "lunar", robot planetary Rovers stretched in the crater of the planet wire mesh and fix it on the walls of the crater. Over the center of the resulting telescopic aerial telescope will be installed outboard of the radiator.

The telescope will observe at wavelengths from ten to fifty meters (frequencies from six to thirty megahertz), reflected by the ionosphere.

The first phase of the project, only three of them, worth 125 thousand dollars will last nine months. If all goes well, work will continue.