In the Chinese woods found the girl dead-base jumper who disappeared after jumping from a helicopter during the filming of a movie about extreme sports. On Tuesday, may 19, reports

the Incident occurred in the town of Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. Locals found the body among the trees and reported it to lifeguards, who for weeks unsuccessfully led the reserve in search of work.

According to the portal, the shooting, which killed 23-year-old girl was held may 12 at Tianmen mountain. The athlete jumped from a height of 2,500 meters in the wingsuit, the special suit wing design which allows RAM air to fill the wings between the legs, hands and body of the pilot, thereby creating an aerodynamic profile. As noted, the base jumper has deviated from the planned route and lost contact with the rest of the group.

the Dead girl was a professional wingsuit pilot and had a good preparation. According to rescuers, the cause of the incident was the malfunction of her parachute.

Earlier in may, it was reported that in Australia, the pilot made the plane and crashed it near a house. The owner of the house tried to help the victim out of the rubble and give him first aid, but the pilot still died from his injuries.