The Ministry of transport has proposed that the airlines 1.6 billion rubles of compensation for cancellation of flights in China

the transport Ministry has proposed to allocate Russian airlines 1.6 billion rubles as compensation for the suspension of flights to China, said Deputy Minister of transport Alexander Yurchik.

the Ministry of transport has identified the amount of compensation together with the airlines, said Yurchik. However, the Ministry of transport and Ministry of Finance have different approaches to determining the amount of compensation, so the amount may change.

“Now there is a very difficult discussion with the financial and economic block of the government. Because it is difficult to determine how to count the losses,” said Yurchik.

the Ministry of transport believes that the losses arise because the aircraft idle on the ground, since the flights stopped suddenly. The Finance Ministry believes that there is no room for losses because the company can supply planes for other flights. “It is, of course, deliver. But, first, it is now low season. Secondly, it may take two months until it will be on other areas,” — said the Deputy Minister.

the Parties discussed the question of how to determine the amount of loss, the amount of pre-added Yurchik.

In turn, Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich said earlier that the airlines can obtain compensation from the budget for limiting the number of flights to China.

At the outbreak of the coronavirus in late January suspended Charter flights from Russia to China, the airline only worked on the removal of Russian citizens from the country. February 1 is limited to regular air traffic between Russia and China, and only Aeroflot operates flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. A number of Chinese airlines flying into terminal F of Sheremetyevo airport.

prior To this, China flying S7, Ural airlines, “Iraero”, “Yakutia”, “Aurora”, NordStar, AZUR air, Nordwind, Ikar, IFly and Royal Flight.