The Ministry of justice plans to eliminate the concept of the minimum wage of the Civil code

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From the Civil code of the Russian Federation may disappear the concept of the minimum wage (SMIC). The bill developed by the Ministry of justice. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

the Ministry intend to replace the definition of specific amounts of cash payments. This step is related to the ambiguous interpretation of the minimum wage legal and public sectors. Such a dual interpretation should be completely avoided.

“Minimum wage used in various branches of law, including the determination of amounts under civil-law obligations”, – explained in the Ministry.

the material is specified that the minimum wage can only be interpreted as a minimum of cash, and is guaranteed to the employee for his work.

Earlier Vladimir Putin approved the law on raising the minimum wage to 12 thousand 130 roubles. The relevant provision came into force on 1 January 2020.

Established by the new law amount is 100 percent of the subsistence minimum for the second quarter of 2019. While in percentage terms we are talking about the growth of the minimum wage by 7.5 percent relative to the threshold defined in 2019.

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