“I am fully confident and guarantee that we will not have any problems with means of individual protection of the population”, – said Victor Evtukhov.

According to him, Russia is now more than sufficient production of masks, some capacity in response to falling demand, even idle.

“the Demand fell, capacity not loaded. Pharmacies today, all the PPE missing. According to the tax service, the cost of masks is at the level 9-10-11 rubles apiece. Net sales stable,” he said.

Viktor Evtukhov also reported that in Russia created a reserve of remedies, along with build industrial capacity, will allow to close demand for several months and overcome difficult periods in the event of their occurrence.

In Russia, according to him, created a large number of production capacity, imported equipment. “If, God forbid, there are any problems of virus, the production of masks will be sufficient,” he said.