the Rules for issuing medical death certificates may change in the near future. With the filing of the health Ministry document will be electronic. In addition, to obtain evidence in addition to relatives and police will be able to audit of Roszdravnadzor.

the Document is now undergoing public discussion. The format of the medical death certificate is expected to change. The usual paper version will continue to exist, but relatives of the deceased will be able to obtain a certificate in the format of a digital file. For documents doctors will give the day of establishment of causes of death. However, if after the issuance of the certificate will be found that the person died from something else, the doctors will be a maximum of 45 days to issue an updated paper. The list of persons who can obtain a medical certificate in the new order specified. In the current version refers only to spouse, close relatives and law enforcement. The amendments clarify that such relatives are children, parents, adopted children and adoptive parents, and brothers and sisters, grandchildren, grandparents of the deceased. In addition, the medical institution will be obliged to issue a certificate and workers of healthcare, if they are such a request – for example, to test the operation of the hospital and availability of medical errors. Print email the death certificate, the relatives can from the personal Cabinet on the portal of public services. While the explanatory Memorandum States that to go to the Registrar with a document from the hospital is not necessary. Officials will receive it automatically via digital communication channels.