the Main infectious diseases of the Ministry of health estimated power of the second wave of coronavirus. Elena Malinnikova noted that the majority of Russians will be immune to infection, and the virus will weaken.

“Assume that there will be only small increases in incidence, but such a wave, as of now, the coronavirus do not cause”, – said the doctor in an interview with “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

get Ready for the second wave of the epidemic will help control for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus. The results of the tests will be clear how many and who will need the vaccine. Malinnikova reminded that humanity has already faced serious infections, in particular caused by viruses SARS and MERS. The first of them had previously led to severe atypical pneumonia, and today practically does not occur.

the Epidemiological situation is discussed at the meeting, which was held by Vladimir Putin. The President urged be taken to prepare for a second wave of proliferation COVID-19 most serious way. And start increasing the number of beds in medical institutions.