The epidemiological situation with COVID-19 in Russia has stabilized, but the risks of severe infection persist for older people and for those with chronic diseases.

This was reported to journalists by the chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of Russia for infectious Diseases Vladimir Chulanov. According to him, the number of new cases of coronavirus has been gradually decreasing since mid-September. This is due to the fact that a certain level of immunity has been formed among the population, both as a result of vaccination and as a result of a previously transmitted disease.

Chulanov noted that the vaccines used are still effective against new variants of the coronavirus. In particular, the nasal vaccine induces a persistent local and general immune response within 14 days after vaccination, and protects against the severe course of the disease and death.

Earlier, Andrei Prodeus said on the air of the NSN that the nasal vaccine can block the entry of coronavirus into the body on the mucous membrane, the Telegram channel “NSN Radio” reports.