the Ministry has rejected the initiative of the politician Alexei Navalny on measures to support population and business during a pandemic coronavirus. A program called “5 steps” in may gathered more than 100 thousand verified signatures of citizens on the portal of the Russian public initiative (ROI).

As reported by “Open media” with reference to the representative of the Ministry, the MAYOR refused to use the proposed Bulk of the action, as already developed the program of support of the population taking into account the views of deputies and senators, as well as expert and the business community.

According to experts of Department, in early July, recognizing the “5 steps” inappropriate Bulk, all the above named measures have been proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. For example, Navalny offered to pay for April of 20 thousand rubles for each adult and 10 thousand to each child as compensation regime of self-isolation. In turn, Putin has offered to pay families with children up to three years on 5 thousand roubles a month, and families with children from three to 16 years – 10 thousand rubles. Putin also promised monthly payments 12 130 rubles for three months to people who in the period of the pandemic were left without work.

the specialists, the MAYOR noted that the payments in the “5 steps” are not “socially just” or “financial-economic” justification.

Also, the MAYOR found it impossible to sentence Navalny to cancel at the time of a pandemic, payment for utilities, as in this case, the government will have to allocate budget subsidies to utilities. Also, you may not have considered the abolition of taxes for small businesses for a year. The MAYOR stated that the Federal budget will not be able to take such a measure, since by the end of 2020 it creates a deficit of 4 trillion rubles.

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