The Ministry does not expect a sharp rise in food prices and shortages

“not to worry. The high demand of buyers that emerged in the second half of March 2020, asleep. The shelves are full goods in most regions and markets are fair. According to expert estimates, 50% of households made food long term storage for more than 100 days”, – stated in the message.

Commercial networks are trying to control prices, and in all cases of unjustified price increases, the report says, the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of agriculture is working with the FAS Russia. At the same time, in the trade Ministry does not rule out a small increase in the cost of goods, due to the increase in the exchange rate and, accordingly, the cost of processors and food manufacturers.

the Ministry stressed that the heads of the highest Executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation sent recommendations to ensure the work of all organizations and facilities associated with Internet trade and services delivery orders.