the EU’s fisheries should be helped through coronakrisen. Fish can be frozen down and sold later, believes the minister.

the fishing industry is one of the major sectors which are hard hit by the coronapandemien.

Fishermen across Europe are struggling to get their fish aside, because, among other restaurants in large parts of the EU is shut down because of the virusudbruddet, and therefore should not have delivered the fish.

However, the EU is ready to look at support schemes, which should help the fishing industry through the crisis.

It says the Danish food and fisheries minister, Mogens Jensen (S), after a video conference with his EU counterparts on Wednesday.

Mogens Jensen believes that all of the big losses for EU fishermen can be avoided if it is possible for the fishermen to gain support for the storage of frozen fish.

– Some of it can be taken in the application, is that one can make a scheme so fishermen can freeze the fish, which then can be sold at a later date.

– It has been done in other situations, and it will also be used in this situation, he says.

But the support for the storage of frozen fish is just one of the possibilities for providing support to the fishermen during the crisis, stresses, Mogens Jensen.

– There are several tools in the toolbox, which can be used to support the fishermen, if it becomes necessary.

– And in the end of the day, it can also be to make a temporary tie up, but there we are, thankfully, not yet, he says.

It said need to support the sectors that right now are forced to discard large quantities of their goods is, according to Mogens Jensen also nurseries and florists.

– Growers around the world throw away almost all, or large parts of their inventory out. We are not aware of specific support schemes in the EU, but we agree that there should be help, he says.

Many of the Danish nurseries, greenhouse growers and florists have in recent times discarded thousands of plants and flowers, because their deliveries have been cancelled, informs the minister.