What to expect in the new school year? Will there be new items? – asked Victoria, the eighth-grader from Tambov region.

– some new items and programs in the next academic year we should not expect, everything will be familiar, reassured students the Minister Sergey Kravtsov. – Some new changes are announced in advance. And in General I do not advocate major changes in the school system. The main thing is to give good knowledge, so it was interesting to learn. Therefore, we develop the system of additional education. All that you feel comfortable in school. So quietly rest now. The first of September you, your classmates, and classmates would come to school and it will be a great holiday

also, according to the Minister, at the beginning of the school year, it will take a little diagnostics – national verification work. They need to see the level of knowledge that the boys have to provide them with all necessary assistance, if any of the topics were not at the appropriate level studied in the end of the fourth quarter.

the Minister of education stated that he hoped that the epidemic situation in the country will be restored, and prom will be able to go to schools in the internal format.