Lieutenant General, U.S. air force Glen van Herc called on the authorities of the United States to sign the UN Convention on the law of the sea. According to him, this will allow the country to defend its interests in the Arctic.

This is necessary because some opponents, such as China, want to gain a foothold in this territory, said in his statement prepared for the hearings in the Senate. The military said that the US is the only country in the Arctic, have not signed the document, reports RIA Novosti.

the United States is the only country in the Arctic, which has not signed the Treaty, allowing the revisionist powers China and Russia to use this lack in key diplomatic forums to promote their own interests, he stressed.

Earlier wrote that Norway is concerned about the increased military activity of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, including conducting maneuvers with the use of military weapons off the coast of the Kingdom. This was told by the Ambassador of the Scandinavian countries and in Russia rune Resaland.