The military authorities of North Korea ordered the country’s military personnel and their families bred more rabbits up to 15 animals per household. About it writes edition the Daily NK, citing a source.

According to the Ministry of people’s armed forces of the DPRK from June 7, every soldier should put “1,5 rabbit weighing at least 3.5 kg”. Thus, a group of military out of 130 employees should make no less than 195 rabbits. Since 1 July the North Korean army began military exercises, the load on the soldier has increased, as in addition to the services they need working with animals and preparing feed.

In addition, breeding rabbits doing and the families of soldiers in preparation for the feast Day of the soldier. During the summer of military exercises it is held weekly. In each household should be from 15 rabbits.

As a source told the newspaper, the DPRK authorities are thus trying to fulfill the Directive of Kim Jong-UN on increasing the volume of cheap meat. The order of the military Department confirms how bad the North Korean soldiers supplied with food.

“the Authorities seem to subtly allude to the fact that the soldiers have to find something to eat, because they don’t get a lot of food from the government,” the source added.

Earlier it was reported that American researchers found a previously unknown nuclear facility near Pyongyang. Experts believe that this is an active research facility, which likely produced a nuclear warhead.