the Conversation with the military Commissioner of Moscow the General-the major Victor by Mailowym about the spring conscription campaign started as expected, with the fact that I have a contactless measured the temperature and asked to wear a mask. Features spring conscription apply to all.

— Viktor Alekseevich, probably, a unique situation calling for this year? Your service has this happened?

— never was. I went in the army. Served in several military districts. Commanded the unit. And I the first time I see this.

we, the employees of military enlistment offices, along the way, he studied, watched, studied the situation and decided how to act. In the end, I think, chosen the method which will allow us to complete the task at the call of citizens for military service and will save people.

How much you plan to call?

In Moscow, we call for military service this spring, more than six thousand young people.


— We prepared very well. All our employees are instructed. Conducted methodical lessons. Everyone knows what he must do and is responsible for what. So much preparatory work will allow to make it on time — until July 15.

— What preparatory work?

— a Call, in accordance with the decree of the President, began on 1 April. But in connection with a complicated epidemiological situation, it was decided to defer an immediate attendance of recruits in military registration and enlistment offices to the recruiting station on may 10.

But all this time, starting from 1 April, the military and enlistment commissions actively worked. The work proceeded in several directions. First, the remote work with the recruits, and secondly, additional training stations, recruiting and polling stations to working in pandemic conditions.

With the recruits worked remotely. Used telephone, video conferencing. Our staff telephoned the recruits, brought the situation, clarify the state of health of the latest medical examination or treatment to the doctors. Wondered when the young man finishes school, if he is studying at the University.

I Asked, has not changed whether he had a family emergency. You know, for example, that appeal shall not be many children or young people who are dependents who have disabilities.

in Parallel, our health workers have requested information on recruits medical institutions, psycho-neurological and narcological dispensaries, and employees of military registration and enlistment offices at educational institutions, law enforcement agencies.

This allowed us to explore each inductee. And we, knowing his health status, family circumstances, time of graduation, to the meetings of the drafting commissions causerespect, we emphasize the guys who can be guaranteed and ready to go to serve in the Armed forces and other power structures. That is, we already know that this young man wasn’t allowed any reprieve.

the work of the military commissariats of conscripts in the mode udalenka properly?

We, of course, for the first time so worked. Have gained tremendous experience. Convinced that we have great opportunities for remote work. They have allowed us to identify suitable candidates for military service — healthy, do not have the right to deferment from conscription for young people. And we are now in the second phase of the recruiting campaign, but they caused a summons to the military. In this case, each determined by their time to avoid crowding.

district military calls a day not more than 20 people. And about everyone already knows the health status, social position, degree of fitness for service in the Armed forces.

Experience will be used in the future? For example, in obtaining information from drug treatment.

— of Course. Our contacts with all related departments has improved significantly. Information channels worked out.

— And that included the training of police stations, recruiting station and Assembly point in the pandemic?

— first, as I said, this instructor-methodological lesson with the members of draft boards, officers of the military. To the people has brought the technique of work in unusual circumstances.

second, is the provision of military commissioners with all necessary in order to protect employees, and conscripts against infection. Each recruiting office and the recruiting station, Assembly point provided a contactless thermometers, masks, gloves, bactericidal irradiators, test systems, as well as chlorine-containing disinfectants.

All the recruiting station, Assembly point, the military commissariats are processed before visiting recruits. Processing is conducted in the morning, then every two hours after the end of the day.

Kvartsevanie carried out in every medical office, staffed with conscripts, and where the documents are.

All the necessary equipment obtained from the defense Ministry and the Moscow government. As you probably know, the mayor is the Chairman of the city draft Board.

Testing for coronavirus will conduct military doctors of the Ministry of defense at the Assembly point. The test system is obtained. We are fully prepared.

I Emphasize that each recruit is leaving for military service be tested for coronavirus infection. Rapid testing will allow us to identify patients.

At every recruiting office, the Assembly point on the floor marking, fixing social security long��. That is, no crowding, queues will not. In the dining rooms is also equipped with safety measures when eating. Increased control.

— How is sending recruits to the duty station?

— by Rail, air and road transport. For example, if the command is sent by rail, then, depending on its size, is allocated one or more cars, which go to only the recruits and their accompanying officers.

the same thing — transportation. The Board is manned by conscripts. No outsiders will not. In addition to the crew, of course.

In those military units which are located in the Moscow region, recruits will take buses, which are pre-treated with a special virus. Transportation from the military Commissariat, the municipal recruiting office to the collection point will be also buses.

all the time follow every conscript is issued personal protective equipment.

for several years Already instituted, that every conscript at the Assembly point is given a travel bag with personal hygiene items. This year they will put a special disinfectant solutions for hands and antibacterial soap.

you Know, in what military units will go to serve Muscovites?

— the bulk of our guys will serve in the Western military district. Parts are located in the North-West, Central and Volga Federal districts.

Some guys will be sent to serve in the Baltic, the black sea fleet. The flagship of the black sea fleet — the missile cruiser “Moscow” — always staffed with Muscovites. This tradition will continue this year.

For delivery to those who serve far from Moscow, trains and aircraft already painted?

— Yes, you know all of the despatch date. For each flight we will be the guys to gather at the Assembly point. For example, the evening of may 21 leaves compound with military carriage. We are on the day called recruits, organise psychological and medical examination, provide the means of protection, form a team, testing for the coronavirus and is sent together with the attendant at the station.

what would you like to warn the recruits and their parents?

— Perhaps only one. I want to appeal to recruits and their parents with a request. When the recruit from home sent by summons or on the hearing of the draft Board, it must be all the prescribed authorities protection, and he must abide by social distance. Here, in the military Commissariat, we fully provide all the necessary. We have everything.

— Coronavirus, experts say, is also a threat to the psyche of the people. There are different phobias. Your employees are not faced with such manifestations? For example, when parents or recruits fear to get infected during the call.

— Understand correctly. We not only worked with recruits. A lot of contact with parents. Explained to them the meaning of prevention of coronavirus in the military and to the recruiting station.

We even went on. Invited members, representatives of the municipalities in all district military Commissariat. Asked to be actively involved in explanatory work. Chairmen of the drafting commissions were invited to the military enlistment offices and the recruiting station. They looked at which activities are carried out. Did everything as openly as possible. Invited media representatives.

I Want to assure parents that we are doing our best to keep our recruits went into the army healthy.

And here come the parents to the Assembly point this spring, clearly not worth it. This increases the risk of infection. I think my parents will understand the situation.

Military Commissariat, sending a conscript in the Armed forces or other security forces, and the connection is not lost. On the contrary, we maintain contacts with the command of a military unit, parents. If, God forbid, something happened to the rookie in part, he may notify parents. They can contact us and we will contact the commander of the military unit, and all issues will be resolved.

— And there have been appeals from parents saying, take her son to the army, it’s faster the virus will pick up?

— Yes, there is. I was, for example, in Koptevsky district Commissariat. Checked readiness of the appeal. There just came four parents of recruits. Ask: when the issue will be resolved at the call of our children? They say that the guys mood is faster to call, to serve and to return home. And parents believe in the Armed forces, he will keep his health and it will strengthen.

the Dodgers have?

— While the call is in progress, talk about it early. I can only say that over the past few years, the number of evading service in the army decreased by 55 percent.

In Moscow of problems with a call to the service no. So built up the military-Patriotic education. The Ministry of defence, Ministry of education, government of Moscow a lot working on it. Actively developing the cadet movement, Unarme. By the way, this spring will serve 138 yunarmeytsev.

the Law works: if not served, are not eligible to hold office in state and municipal authorities. This is another incentive to be honest to repay the Motherland.