until Wednesday, the 19th of August, the daytime temperatures will be above 20 degrees. But in the dark cold of the North wind 8 to 13 degrees. Usually this temperature at night is in September, told the “Russian newspaper” scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

But in the second half of the week the weather will be more like summer. In the afternoon the air begins to warm up to +24…+26 degrees. On some days, and up to plus 28 degrees. The whole week is projected to be quite comfortable, with no autumn rains.

But the swimming season in Moscow and the Moscow region ended, said Vilfand. Nights become longer and cooler. The water quickly cools. “Now in the Moscow river near Zvenigorod the water temperature is already 16 degrees Celsius in Moscow -17-18 degrees. The same in ponds and lakes. And warmer it is unlikely to be. If the days were long and the sky, few clouds, then the water would be more comfortable. Now every day in the afternoon. So swimming can only be the most hardened people,” – said Vilfand.