Is this some kind of pattern or is it pure coincidence? “If you look at the historical data over many years not only at European, but also Asian site, it appears that the weather is cold, warm, hot, rainy, snowy does not recognize any day of the week and holidays. Weather outside calendar. It happens that in our public or religious holidays is just a wonderful weather. And next year at the same time there’s bad weather. If you count how many rainy days is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then no patterns will not. Sunny and rainy days are distributed evenly on the calendar,” – said “RG” the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

According to him, people tend to remember negative moments. It is clear that all forward to the weekend, and when they come starts to rain and the temperature drops dramatically in the summer, it is remembered. But if falls a few rainy weekends in a row, that’s a coincidence. In this case, the forecaster recognizes that a certain cyclicity exists in the weather, but it does not depend on days of the week. “It is impossible to make any serious conclusions based on a small sample. You need to analyze the company for several decades. But, again, with a large sample, meteorologists could not confirm that the weekend weather is worse than on weekdays,” – said Vilfand.

However, according to the forecaster, in our history there were periods when the weather has affected the industry. Before running the factories were thrown into the air polluting aerosols (coal dust, for example). Because of this atmosphere was the condensation of water vapor and precipitation. This occurred on weekdays. And, this weekend, the weather was better. But now all the companies are switching to energy-saving system, so no such dependency.