– Now we’re seeing a steady zonal process – cold air masses coming towards us from the North-West, with the Irish sea. The temperature is therefore below the norm by 3-4 degrees. And during the whole week not seen any changes, explained “the Russian newspaper” the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

the Maximum temperature in the afternoon in the Central regions will be plus 12-15 degrees at night will be around five degrees. Cloudy with a little rain every day.

in the regions of Western Siberia will continue to be hot air. The temperature in Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk regions, Altai exceeds the norm for this time of year by 10-15 degrees. And in the East the Krasnoyarsk territory to 16-17 degrees. Heat stands there for a month and a half. “This is due to the anticyclone, which prevails in Siberia. Along the Western periphery of anticyclone swaying hot air from Central Asia and Iran. Unusual and very sustainable process,” – said Vilfand.

He said that long processes characteristic of the warm season. In winter, the atmosphere processes occur faster than in the summer. According to the forecaster, in winter there are conditions for the movement of air masses from the equator to the pole. But due to the Earth’s rotation is the deviation of the initial force and air masses move from West to East. “At the same time in winter the Atlantic ocean is significantly warmer than the continent, there is always the water temperature is not below plus 10-15 degrees. In Siberia, minus 30. There is an additional difference in temperature between the ocean and the continent. And then West-East transport increases. This year the zonal process was expressed so strongly that the air masses from the Atlantic ocean intensely moved, so we have this incredibly warm winter has been,” explains forecaster.

While in summer the situation is different. “In the polar regions the temperature rises. And the difference of the temperatures at the equator and pole decreases. Consequently, the West-East transport also decreases. Also in the summer air temperature over the ocean is lower than over the continent. Because the sun warms the continent, and immediately over the continent warms up the air. And over the ocean is not so: the sun warms the ocean, but the ocean is greedy, he does not give heat to the atmosphere, and accumulate. Therefore, there is a difference in temperature that causes air masses to move from East to West. And this leads to a stable stationary anticyclone” – said Vilfand. One of them just “hung” over Siberia and does not want to share my warmth with European Russia.