Charge (professional philanderers) have compiled a hit parade of Russian cities in which they managed the fastest way to persuade girls to sex without obligation from may to July 2020. Stressing that we are talking only about decent ladies, who are expecting payment for love, Lovelace sent out a list according to their thematic resources.

the Correspondent of “MK” asked pikeperch geography, simultaneously setting the insidious seducers purely women’s issues.

Recall, the pickup (from the English to pick up – to pick up) is based on the excitement and competition of the male hobby, which consists in the ability as soon as possible to get new friend in bed, promising her nothing in return. It is believed that the faster it makes the coolest male.

pick-uppers use a special slang, which describe their schemes of tackle. Here is a brief Glossary:

don – the word philanderer is the coolest pick-up, often the coach (coaching) courses for the TFN.

TFN – a typical frustrerande loser – shy young man, who is not watching the girls.

Box – the place where the “hunt” pick-up. Usually it is the center of the city, cafes, bars, metro, trendy but not too expensive clubs.

just mind-blowing – lifehack seduction, implying a strong effect, designed to combat the lady on the spot.

BG – “bredogenerator”, which means the ability of pick up artist continuously blowing bolshevi lady’s ears, so she did not have time to get bored and realize with whom he was dealing.

so, the dons posted on the forums for Tfnow a list of fields, where this summer you can quickly spikepit lady without special roof raiser, with the help of only a bredogenerator. The mailing list is called “Summary of analysis of availability without paying for the service in top 20 cities.”

1st place pikeperch glory of Ivanovo, at the 2nd Koktebel, on the 3rd of Penza. The next three places are occupied Sevastopol, Yalta and Sochi. Peter on the 7th, Moscow 9, Moscow oblast on 13-m. Closes twenty available Ufa.

the forum is already unhappy reviews.

“Saratov unfairly put on the 15-th place! – writes the don under a mocking nickname Correct. I can’t believe that somewhere snips and glued in less than 5 min, as we do!”

“where Chelyaba?!” – resentfully asked don, Dodon, surely the pick up artist from Chelyabinsk.

“Eburg to 12th place! Do you know anyway?!” – disgruntled Yekaterinburg, identified himself as the occasional Visitor.

Dare to ask for explanations to one of the gurus of charge. Find it in social networks and knocking in a personal message that my humble female mind is unable to grasp the criteria by which composed pikaparkki charts available!

How did you manage to isolate the 20 cities, and even to assign them seats? If the criterion is the speed of getting the victim to bed, then who was keeping time? Or rating compositionhave vlassa on the basis of allegations dons, who, as we know, bredogenerator developed best?!

– don’t panic, dear – kindly answer me pikaparkki coach. This list is just a motivational game, and along with the popularization of Russian cities.

– For whom the motivation? What’s the promotion?

Men’s rating is motivated to care for women. Any healthy man will think about it, knowing that as many as 20 settlements of ladies give, asking nothing in return! Especially if the man can see his home town and realize that still not have used all its advantages! And women learn that as many as 20 cities to their companions on the floor give fast, decides not to lag.

– I think the woman would be ashamed companions! Especially if she can see her hometown!

– But you saw! And you are not ashamed, but curious! Here and others too, and many curious on a nose holiday. And interested travelers the listed cities this summer will not prevent.