MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The US government ordered 100 thousand body bags bodies in preparation for the “worst” situation with coronavirus infection, the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, ordering bags on the $ 5.1 million issued on April 21, the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA). Details on the website it is reported that the vendor is a small company in California, to deliver the order due to may 4.

a Representative from FEMA stated that the Agency is prepared from the beginning to the possible development of “worst case scenarios”.

“on the Basis of the pattern of demand in the worst case, FEMA initiated a large number of contracts to increase reserves and produce more bags of human remains if they will need in the future”, – the newspaper quotes words of the representative.

the Number of victims of coronavirus in the United States exceeded 60 207, follows from the data of the Johns Hopkins University, which summarizes the data of the Federal and local authorities, the media and other sources. The number of cases of infection with coronavirus is more than a million, has recovered more than 116 thousand.

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