Russian President Vladimir Putin will address to the Russians in connection with the vote on the amendments to the Constitution until July 1. In his address the head of state intends to explain the essence of the adopted amendments.

As said informed sources, “Interfax”, Putin will deliver an address about the vote one day after the Victory parade, which will be held June 24. One of the sources said that the possible options considered two dates -29 and 30 June. These days are going immediately before the day of voting on amendments.

“the President plans to appeal to the citizens to once again personally to clarify the meaning of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, – said another interviewee.

the sources reported that Putin will concern the change of the Constitution in an interview for a documentary on the 30th anniversary of the new Russia, which will show VGTRK June 22.

Previously it was reported that Putin can appeal to the citizens of the country in connection with voting on amendments both before and after the vote. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not rule out this possibility, noting that the Kremlin will notify the public when the President so decides.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution will be held July 1, with the expression of will in electronic form will be held ahead of schedule on June 25. The vote will be “batch”, that is, to cast a vote can only be for or against all the amendments at once. Among the proposed changes is the nullification of presidential terms, former and incumbent, the expansion of presidential powers, limits to local government.

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